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The Internet is a powerful communication tool capable of reaching millions around the world. Though this can seem like a daunting task, Power Verbs makes it simple for your business to cut to the chase. We listen to what you say and develop an Internet strategy that satisfies your business needs.

This is a three-stage process:

Phase 1:
This phase begins with a face to face meeting in which we determine your business needs. We look at your current marketing scheme and ascertain how your web site can seamlessly bolster your plans. We stress getting to know you, your business, and customers so that you look your best and give your customers what they are looking for. We examine your current materials such as graphics and content and see how they can be used in your web site. We lay out in detail what is needed to facilitate your web site, and develop a plan that everyone can follow and understand.

Phase 2:
In this phase we approach your site from the users point of view. We determine the "look" of your site stressing clarity and ease of navigation. The technical issues of your site are resolved and balanced against the users needs for speed and comprehensibility. The site is designed to function equally well for the experienced or novice user. Top priority is given to the speed of loading insuring there is no long waiting.

Phase 3: After the production phase is complete, we launch your site to a server that best meets your needs. We help you determine the Internet Service Provider that provides the complete service you need at the lowest cost. Power Verbs is also able to host your site for a nominal fee. After a short time, we offer one update of your site for no additional cost. We are available at short notice to update your site making sure the web site reflects your newest products and services.

Service is what makes sets Power Verbs a step above other web design firms. We respond quickly to any questions and walk you through the set up of your hardware and software. We also offer training. This makes your Internet experience fun, efficient and your business a success.

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