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Service is what sets Power Verbs apart from other design firms. If you need it, we provide it.

Development of Internet Strategy:
This is the most important part of any Internet site. It does your business little good to be one of over a million web sites. What you need is a marketing strategy that brings you customers, and gives them the information they need. Power Verbs has a long business history and through knowledge of the Internet. We analysie your current marketing plan and develop a web strategy that integrates seamlessly with your current marketing goals. In short, we at Power Verbs listen to our clients.

With over forty years of art experience, an MA from San Francisco State University and an MFA from UC Berkeley, Power Verbs has a distinct advantage over other Internet design firms. We start with the art work you currently use, such as your logo and brochure art, then create other graphics that benefit your site. We weigh the advantage of additional artwork versus the disadvantage of slow downloads. Our motto is: if you don't need it, don't do it. That approach is true for all types of design, and is particularly true for the Internet where you pay a high price for unnecessary graphics.

We at Power Verbs make a point of staying ahead of the latest developments in Web site programming. If your site requires an on-line ordering system, secure credit card protection, or password protected areas, we have the skills to provide them. We are up to speed with HTML 4.0, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript and CGI. If it is possible to do on the Internet, we can make it happen for you.

Launch and Hosting
If you already have an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Power Verbs makes sure they have the features to make your internet experience successful. We have been helping clients select their ISP for over three years and know which services meet your needs at the most affordable price. Look to us for advice that will benefit you for the long term.

Power Verbs can host your site for you for a small monthly fee. If you have difficulty connecting to the Internet, let us host your site on our server. If we host your site, there are no limitations of size or functionality.

Suppose you feel that you or your employees are not completely up to speed with the Internet, constructing web pages, graphics, or other computer skills. Why not give Power Verbs a call and let us train those in your company? Our trainers have over five years teaching experience at the college level. We give you the skills you need in the shortest time and we are always cost conscious

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