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Ok, Nearly everybody who has spent more than fifteen minutes on the web can make a web page. There are hundreds of HTML editors, thousands of books and millions of web sites that can walk you through the basics of HTML. So why another HTML tutorial? Teaching the basics of HTML is not what this part of the Power Verbs web site is about. It is assumed you already have a good understanding of HTML and web design. The intent of this site is to make you better at what you already know. The web is far too complicated for anyone to know it all. Therefore, even the professional designer will find something new here.

You will find HTML tips that will make your scripting more efficient, easier, and give you more control of your pages. The focus is on tags that are not often used, attributes that extend the basic tags and properties that are rarely used or talked about.

The JavaScript section is much like the HTML section. There is no attempt to teach JavaScript. What you will find is JavaScript that is useful. There will never be anything such as putting a clock on your page or how to make a scrolling status bar. The scripts here take a basic idea and add the methods and properties to make them function at a professional level.

DHTML and JavaScript go hand in hand. DHTML by itself means nothing without a scripting language. There are a number of languages that work well with DHTML, but you will only find JavaScript here. There are no basics here. Instead you will find scripts that deal with a specific idea that you can use on your web pages.

Cascading Style Sheets is another factor in DHTML. It is also very useful on its own. Here you will find a brief explanation of the basics and some specific ways to use it. CSS is very cool and unlike many of the other advanced scripting techniques, it degrades gracefully with little concern for browser issues. (Or so the theory goes)

If you have a few months to study, you can get a grasp of CGI and Perl. That is well beyond the scope of what you will find here. Instead there are some basic scripts to do some useful things on your web pages, such as a form script, message board, guest book and site search engine. Instructions on how to configure the scripts are included. Last but hardly least; there is a tutorial on telnet. You need to set permissions for your scripts and you can find out how to do it here.

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